Bringing Holistic Awareness to Your Design

Here’s an awesome article on user interface design:

Bringing Holistic Awareness to Your Design

I find collaborative design sessions to really be to best way to work with most any project, certainly ones that require various levels of expertise. It facilitates a holistic understanding, that ability to see the forest among the trees, that keeps everyone productive and efficient, and bring a project to maximum potential.

I’m Now Beyond the Basics of After Effects!

I finally finished the nearly nine hours of’s After Effects CS4 “Beyond the Basics with Chad Perkins.” So cool. Lots of great ideas, workflow tips, techniques, etc. For those who may not know, hosts hundreds of online software training videos, and After Effects is a motion graphics program which is used to create stuff like film title design, post-production special effects, etc. I tend to fast-forward through commercials, but I frequently stop if something catches my eye – quite often something I think I could do in After Effects. I know, I have a sick mind, stopping to watch commercials without the intent to buy anything. There’s som’in’ wrong wit dat boy!

The only complaint about the tutorials I just finished, and it isn’t much of one, is that some of projects Chad used for examples could have been a little more compelling. Chad is a great teacher, nonetheless. Just the right amount of eagerness, knowledge, enthusiasm and humor to keep my mind engaged for the entire tutorial series. All in all, is downright awesome.